Holy grail: skin1004 madagascar centella soothing cream

I"m back to nói qua a nhận xét of a moisturizer that I"ve talked far less about on KBA compared to my other HG moisturizer (Iunik beta glucan). Nevertheless this is definitely one of my favourites, & I think it deserves a holy grail post :relaxed:





Before we get started, I want to lớn define how I understand "holy grail", so you know what my expectations are:

(1) A sản phẩm that I feel safe with.

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I know what it contains, and I"ve never had any issues with it. Even though I lượt thích to try out new products, I feel safe knowing that I can always return lớn this one. Even if my skin is irritated, dehydrated, or breaking out like crazy I trust that I can use this product safely.

(2) I love how it works on my skin.

It offers the promised effect, or maybe has an unexpected effect on my skin that I love.

(3) I would be happy using this sản phẩm forever.

I might still want to try other products, but if I"m honest with myself I don"t really need to. I"ve already found the product that I"m looking for.



My skin:


Very dehydration prone

Very acne prone

I use tretinoin acne treatment every evening


Tell us how you found/got the hàng hóa (motivation lớn buy it?)

I bought this in my big summer haul from Jolse, at the same time as I bought the cleanser & a pack of sheet masks from the same brand. I noticed how inexpensive the brand is, và when I checked out the ingredients I was really impressed.

So I decided to lớn not only give it a shot, but lớn buy two tubes of Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream at once! I assumed I was going to like the formula, & luckily I was right :sweat_smile:

My skin is both very oily và very dehydration prone, so I"m always on the lookout for lightweight moisturizers that still aren"t too lightweight, & that offer lots of hydration. This cream seemed to be exactly that~



Tell us something interesting about the product

1004 in Korean is a homonym for the Korean word for angel

천사 (cheonsa) = 1004/angel

Therefore, the name Skin1004 sounds like "skin angel" in Korean~




Purchase information

Purchased on April 30th from Jolse

I bought two tubes for 11.20 USD each from Jolse (currently 13 USD on Jolse). I used one in the summer và one in the winter.

Product claims

This gel cream is advertised to contain Centella extract & four ceramides. It aims lớn moisturize the inside of the skin, making it suitable for dehydrated skin as opposed khổng lồ it"s counterpart Madagascar Centella Cream, which is more aimed at dry skin (it contains Shea butter, so it"s a no-go for my acne prone skin).


Notable ingredients

:herb: 72% Centella Extract

:herb: Glycerin

:herb: Trehalose

:herb: Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice)

:herb: 4 Plant extracts

:herb: Tranexamic acid

:herb: Radish Root Ferment

:herb: Biosaccharide Gum-1

:herb: Sodium Hyaluronate

:herb: Beta Glucan

:herb: 4 Ceramides

:herb: Phytosphingosine

:herb: Hydrogenated Lecithin

:herb: Cholesterol

:grey_exclamation: It"s free of fragrance, essential oils, và drying alcohols.

:grey_exclamation: It"s not malazzesia safe, but it is miễn phí of oils.

This gel cream is packed with soothing, barrier strengthening, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, và brightening ingredients. Not to mention the very powerful hydrating ingredients! I love how the focus is on soothing và strengthening the skin barrier.

I also think it"s notable that they used centella extract, and not just centella water in their formula. Considering the price of the cream I might have expected it to lớn be water.


This sản phẩm is unscented so there"s nothing to lớn pinpoint. One might expect a herbal scent but there wasn"t much to smell in that regard either.

Texture và feel

This is a gel cream, so it looks lượt thích a gel but is thicker than typical aloe gels etc. It looks more lightweight than Iunik Centella Gel Cream, but I actually feel lượt thích Skin1004 creates more of a lasting hydrating layer.

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The colour is a light brown, I assume from the centella extract. The product is không lấy phí of colourants, so it"s a natural colour.

It doesn"t sink in right away, but it settles nicely without stickiness or any weird filminess.

It offers a nice and natural looking glow, but is not shiny looking.

It feels refreshing on the skin. It"s cooling, gentle, and feels really hydrating right away.

It doesn"t disappear once it settles down, and creates enough of a layer to lớn keep my dehydration prone skin happy during the day.

Pros và cons

:green_heart: Lightweight but moisturising enough even for winter use. I used one bottle in summer & one in winter, & I was surprised that it offered my winter skin what it needs in the AM routine (I vị follow up with a hydrating sunscreen though).

:green_heart: Soothing và hydrating.

:green_heart: A gel formula but without any stickiness, pilling, or filminess.

:green_heart: It created enough of a moisture barrier, but without letting the silicones make the cream feel weird và sweaty (this can be an issue with my other HG from Iunik in hot weather).

:green_heart: Non-comedogenic. My under-eye milia reduced significantly when I switched to this.

:green_heart: Big bottle! 75 ml lasts a long time.

:green_heart: Inexpensive.

:green_heart: Perfect for summer weather: it"s really lightweight và doesn"t feel sweaty on the skin in the heat. Cools down the skin and feels refreshing. Offers lots of soothing and hydrating ingredients that are helpful in the face of irritation and itchiness from sweating & sun exposure.

:green_heart: Hygienic bottle

:grey_exclamation: This will be too lightweight for drier skin types. However if you have really dry skin you might be interested in using this as a "serum" under a thicker cream. I"ve done this several times this winter in my PM routine, và it was really helpful!

:grey_exclamation: It is not silicone không tính phí and not fungal acne safe.