Berserk & the Band of the Hawk is easily the bloodiest action game that Omega Force has ever squeezed out. True to lớn the often gruesome source material, the trò chơi doesn"t skimp on the red stuff, soaking the screen as you forcefully cleave your way through hundreds of enemies. Indeed, if there"s one thing that Band of the Hawk gets right, it"s the brutality that"s so key lớn Berserk"s overall tone.

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Band of the Hawk has an awful lot in common with 2016"s Arslan: The Warriors of Legend. Both titles are based upon an existing manga & anime franchise, both adhere khổng lồ the tried and tested Warriors formula, và both lack the depth of the developer"s more refined releases, such as Samurai Warriors 4 & One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. Both games also place an unmistakable emphasis on their featured story modes, with Berserk offering an especially lengthy retelling of the beloved dark fantasy tale.

Taking place over the course of 50 or so missions, the story mode is broken up between your typical Warriors battles, quái dị fights, & cutscenes. During the first half of the campaign, the cutscenes are taken directly from The Golden Age arc movies, và the storytelling is competent as a result. While the trò chơi does skip a few plot points here & there, it hits all of the main narrative beats; our only real complaint is that taking footage straight from the well-animated movies makes the in-game cutscenes look rather crappy by comparison.


As a result, the second half of the story falls a little flat thanks to the fact that it doesn"t have any films to rely on for footage. Once The Golden Age arc is over & main character Guts becomes the black Swordsman, the plot starts to flag, missing out important parts of the original narrative & rushing through specific events in order lớn glaze over certain characters and themes. It still gets the overall point across, but it"s clear that the developer was forced khổng lồ cut corners.

And sadly, this lack of quality is present in other areas of the release. A handful of stages are reused throughout the campaign, and filler missions which add nothing khổng lồ the plot are shoehorned into proceedings. Remember the time Guts stopped an army of around 3000 thieves from ransacking Godo"s cabin? Yeah, we don"t either – but really, this is the kind of thing that we expect from a licensed Warriors game, & to be fair khổng lồ Band of the Hawk, the gameplay template does at least meld well with the original work.

As hinted, there"s certainly enjoyment to lớn be had in smashing your way across battlefields teeming with opponents. There"s a real heft lớn Guts" attacks, & watching his massive sword, the Dragonslayer, tear through swarms of foes – man or beast – is thoroughly satisfying. Fortunately, the same can be said of the other playable characters; Schierke"s spells take time to conjure but hit enemies with a devastating crunch, & Serpico"s magical blade feels suitably quick & deadly. The playable cast isn"t all that expansive, but it boasts a good amount of diversity.


Annihilating hordes of clueless soldiers & murderous trolls is a lot of fun, then, but the trò chơi doesn"t always stick lớn what it clearly does best. At various stages of the story, you"ll be thrown into tedious monster fights. Big baddies tend khổng lồ have huge health bars và fail to even flinch when hit with your strongest attacks, leading to lớn some seriously poor encounters. The bottom line is that the combat mechanics just aren"t built with precise one-on-one duels in mind; most movesets are based on broad attacks that cover wide areas, & although a lock-on system does help keep your adversary in view, some bosses are so big that the camera ends up getting lodged in the surrounding environment.

Shaky quái nhân battles aren"t a total deal-breaker; a few of the better ones vì chưng offer something a bit different và they can punctuate important aspects of the plot quite well, but they"re easy to criticise when you"re using the exact same combat system khổng lồ gleefully mash thousands of enemies into a fine paste. There"s no doubt whatsoever that Band of the Hawk is at its absolute best when you"re wading through entrails, the fantastically over-the-top, squelchy sound effects only adding lớn the bombastic bloodshed.

Thankfully, despite its many similarities, Berserk outdoes the aforementioned Arslan when it comes lớn content. Outside of the story, không lấy phí mode makes a return, allowing you to play any cleared stage with any unlocked character, alongside an original mode in the khung of Endless Eclipse. An infinite gauntlet of missions that only comes lớn an end when you"re killed or you decide khổng lồ quit, Endless Eclipse can be an entertaining aside if you"re keen to test your skills – but the hack và slash combat system as a whole doesn"t really have enough depth lớn keep you glued to lớn the action, particularly since later stages of the abyss see you go up against ridiculous odds where only cheap tactics will prevail.


Berserk và the Band of the Hawk"s fate is lớn be branded as yet another not-so-great initial effort from Omega Force. While the release does get a decent amount right – the story mode is nicely done in places & the fundamental combat mechanics are super satisfying – it stumbles on several fronts. Again, we"re left with a Warriors game that"s begging for a much improved sequel. Fans of Berserk will enjoy bathing in the blood for a good few hours, but it"s hard lớn ignore the cracks at this sword"s core.

Not Bad 6/10

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Robert"s been a dedicated PlayStation fan since the days of Tekken 2, & he still loves a good dust up. When he"s not practising combos, he"s usually getting lost in the latest 100-hour RPG, or, y"know, replaying The Witcher 3.



Tue 21st Feb 2017

Yeah well it turned out as what I had expected it to be .. Cant consider myseld a "Fan" but .. Berserk on the Dreamcast was a great trò chơi ... Ill definitely get this when the Price Drops


Tue 21st Feb 2017

If anyone"s got any questions about the trò chơi or the review I"m happy lớn answer as best I can.


Tue 21st Feb 2017

I"ll get it if the price is right, or I"ll then wait for a price drop if the price is too high. Loved the Berserk title on Dreamcast, so definitely want lớn give this a go.

ShogunRok vày you happen lớn know the price for the US? và do you happen lớn know if we"ll even get the Dreamcast classic re-released ever???

JLPick As far as I know it"s full retail price in both EU and US. & I sadly don"t think we"ll ever see the Dreamcast game remastered or remade.

Tue 21st Feb 2017

I"ll probably pick it up when it goes on sale. Otherwise, I"m holding out for Fire Emblem Warriors... Và possible long Quest Heroes.

Tue 21st Feb 2017

It seems I"m not the only one that play berserk dreamcast, that trò chơi is good

I have so many good memory with that console..

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Tsurii It"s a shame, really. This isn"t a bad game and I spent a lot of time with it, but Berserk does ultimately deserve better. More time in the oven to refine the game play mechanics và flesh out the story past The Gold Age arc would have worked wonders, I think.

Tue 21st Feb 2017

That is good & bad in a way for me. There are too many games right now. I have already put Nioh & Digimon World in the wait for price drop pile & preordered Horizon cause I couldn"t wait. I didn"t really have the money for another game but I love Berserk so much và when I saw Skull Knight was playable I was going khổng lồ move this to lớn the buy pile somehow. Now I can just wait till the summer.
vegeta11 Hmmm, I think it"s a fair buy for a Berserk tín đồ at a cheaper price, yeah. If you wait a few months it"ll probably be much cheaper - with so many other games coming out, I think you can afford khổng lồ wait if you"re not desperate khổng lồ play it.

Skull Knight isn"t playable by the way - which is a bit rubbish!

ShogunRok no Skull Knight?! Then I"ll wait till the price drops to 1/2 or more off before I finally get it. It"s on my watch danh mục now but I will definitely wait. Thanks!

wiiware Dreamcast had a brilliant danh sách of titles that were overlooked for years lớn come...granted I still own a few that were brought over khổng lồ PS2 & Gamecube, but who could not have loved:

Ill bleed, Seaman, Skies Of Arcadia, dragon Riders, Timestalkers, Tee Off, speed Devils, Evolution 1 và 2, Sword Of Berserk, Omikron The Nomad Soul, Carrier, D-2, The Floigan Bros, Stupid Aliens & many more...dreamcast was an overlooked gem that should have stayed around for a longer time than what it did. A true gem that was overlooked, but it was Sega"s fault.

ShogunRok props for mentioning one piece pirate warriors 3, amazing game!

Berserk sounds lượt thích fist of the north star, relatively bare bones for a musuo game - but fun anyway. Is there coins to lớn collect & crazy gallery lớn complete? One piece got that all kinds of wrong late late trò chơi with the random coin drops.

themcnoisy There are gallery panels to unlock piece by piece, but you get them through completing certain objectives during each stage.

ShogunRok cool, that"s In one piece as well, you uncover a big picture a panel at a time. Sweet sounds good.

ShogunRok For a Warriors fan (loved DW3,4,5,6,8, Hyrule Warriors, SW2, SW4, Pirate Warriors 3, even the basara series from capcom, và many more) is this trò chơi worth it at full price? Oh and I"m a Berserk fan hâm mộ too.

Frank90 Hmmm, I don"t think it"s on par with the best musou games, but it"s not bad. I"d be tempted lớn say you"ll enjoy it even at full price, especially as a Berserk fan, but it depends whether you can wait or if you"ve got other games khổng lồ keep you busy.

JLPick Dreamcast is such a good buổi tiệc nhỏ console, even the single player trò chơi is fun to lớn play with friends, lượt thích taking turns playing crazy taxy và samba the amigo (with maracas lol). Also soul calibur, power nguồn stone và virtua tennis is good khổng lồ play with friends too.

And dreamcast graphics is better than ps2, I remember buying ps2 & while the graphics is good compared khổng lồ psone, I still think dreamcast graphics is better.

It will be really cool if sega port all of good dreamcast 1st tiệc nhỏ games lớn ps4, just showroom 1080p/4k and 60 frame.

Wed 22nd Feb 2017

Can"t say I did"nt expect this score. I might get it once it"s on sale but I still feel conflicted about it, I absolutely loathe Dynasty Warriors but love Berserk. I wish they would just remake the ps2 trò chơi that trò chơi was awesome.

wiiware I"ve been waiting for Sega to bởi vì that...or at least a nice collection on disc format like Atari Activision did. I"d also like to see Toe Jam & Earl 3 re-released on PS4, as it was the only game I really played on the XBOX, và the Dreamcast games were the only reason I picked up an XBOX (since the remaining titles sega worked on came over to lớn that system). Dreamcast graphics were incredible...they beat PS1 và N64 (where N64 strived more in color), and Dreamcast still looks good lớn this day, where PS1 looks too much sprite. PS2 didn"t really hold up too well either (neither did Wii và that"s not even that old). The only systems that I saw that really held up are Dreamcast & my favorite nintendo one...the Gamecube. But even Genesis held up pretty good throughout the years (so did Super NES). Guess it was the power, but I still love putting in the website Browser disc on the Dreamcast and playing some Sega Swirl on it! People have been wanting the Dreamcast to lớn come back, or a retro version of it, so hopefully Sega will listen và re-release their classic titles...they did with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, but for some reason, I"d still lượt thích all of them to come back out...Samba De Amigo was still good on Wii, but imagine what they could bởi with the graphics nowadays with Seaman và even Ecco The Dolphin!!!

Thu 23rd Feb 2017

Decided not to lớn get this since I still have For Honor và FFXV khổng lồ play.

Anyways, at $3.50 each I find the DLC costumes for this game to be very pricey.

ShogunRok Thanks a lot for the intel, since I"m playing more than 3 games right now & Zelda is coming I think I"ll wait for đen Friday or something lượt thích that.

Thu 2nd Mar 2017

Just finished the game on Vita và it was really enjoyable, Just I don"t get the end, Why can"t i fight against godhands? The story is not finished yet!??